Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hookah Stories- the crappy hookah

tonight i travelled to the luxor lounge to smoke shisha out of a hooka. i had a terrible experience. our hose leaked uncontrollably and the shisha tasted horrible. after about fifteen minutes the tobacco started tasting like it was licorice and became unbearably sweet and sugary. this is a tell tale sign of a low grade tobacco. after a while of smoke we almost gave up on our hookah smoking adventure and decided that maybe we were better off to go back to my buddies place and light up his hooka. we decided to stay because we rationalized that we had already payed for this hookah and that we might as well try to get our moneys worth. well i dont know if this was a good idea or not because the hose was leaking so badly that could barely get a pul of smoke of shisha from the hooka. this was very discouraging becasue we had set the intention for the night that we were going to go out and smoke a great hookah. i guess this was the night that we were cursed. we had to hold the leaky hose with a tight fist in order to stop the leaking of air into the hose which was making it so that almost no smoke could enter our lungs. the highlight of the night was getting a few good pulls from out apple mellon licorice tasting hookah and blowing a few smoke rings. this experience was very frustrating and i dont think that i will be going back to the luxor lounge anytime soon. maybe you will make a wise decision and not go there as well, as the service was ok this time but the flavor was off...way off

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hookah Stories- My Last Hookah

So i want to tell you about the shisha and hookah that i owned before i owned the one that i do now. and i will also let you know about how it was apprehended from me in such an impersonal and violent manner. So it was my sophomore year in college and i was new to hookah smoking. After smoking friends hookah for a very long time i decided to finally get my own. so i went shopping all over to find a cheap one. at this point good was not in my vocabulary but cheap certainly was. so i went all over the place to find this damn hookah and some shisha with some coals and other accessories that one would need to smoke a hookah. so i finally found one at a cheap little boutique in Toronto, Canada. i wondered if they were going to let me cross the border with it but it turned out that this was not really a concern because they did not search our car on the way out. well that was fun. so when i got back to my school we set up my brand new hooakah and packed it with our finest shisha and lit a coal. well we ran into a slight problem because no one ever told me that you were not supposed to light the coal inside as it produces a insane amount of smoke. so when we lit the coal indoors we set off the fire alarm almost immediately and security cam knocking on our door within minutes. we had to tell them that we smoked a cigarette and that we accidentally blew directly into the smoke detector. However, we could not explain the smell... to be continued

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hookah Stories- My Party Part 2

ok so here is the shisha and hookah smoking deal. at my party on saturday there were many drunken people smoking hookahs. people were drinking mixed vodka drinks with fruit punch and all sorts of nasty crap that one could mix vodka with. i saw people mixing their vodka with beers and it was terrifying. i want to let everyone who was there know that this is not ok. You can smoke shisha out of a hookah but you cannot by any means pour vodka into your beer. at least not at my party. i found this absolutely horrible and i cannot believe that anyone would do such a thing. i can imagine drinking a beer and smoking a hookah and i can imagine drinking a mixed vodka drink and smoking a hookah but i cannot under any circumstances understand smoking shisha out of a hookah with a mixed beer and vodka drink. in fact i cannot imagine drinking that alone at all! i guess i need to tighten shit up at my parties cuz it is obviously getting way too loose. next time i throw a party im going to have big signs all over the walls that say "hey you! tighten up!" and this sentiment goes out to all of the sloppy drunks out there whether you smoke hooka or not. it was a fun party i must say but this sloppy-ness has got to stop somewhere and i am drawing the line.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hookah Stories- My Party

I love hookahs and shisha. Today I am going to tell you all the wonderful story of how I turned a party at my house into its very own hookah smoking party. When everyone got here we were all drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Someone said why don’t we break out the hookah? And I got a tremendous reaction from most of the people at the party… everyone wanted to smoke that hookah! So we packed up all three of our hookahs and set them up in different rooms at our party. People were so excited about this that they actually started going out into other rooms of the house and telling people that there were shisha and hookahs being smoked in other places of the house. People were literally jumping out of their seats to come smoke our delicious starbuzz shisha out of our isreali hookahs. This was the thing that made the party last night. The amount of shisha smokers was insane. And each hookah was kicked in an inconceivable amount of time. Every 20 minutes I had to change bowls and coals and tobacco to keep the roar of the crowd down. It is actually amazing what a pacifier a hookah is to an uncontrollable and drunken crowd. It was as if the instant I brought out the first hookah the drunk crowd started to settle down. I guess tobacco and nicotine really does calm the nerves. Plus if you get enough nicotine it will make you start to spin. Until next time, Happy Smoking!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hookah Stories- The Beach

Let us assess the question: What is a hookah story? Well the answer is simple. A hookah story is any story involving shisha or a hooka being smoked, talked about, carried or anything that one would do with or about a hookah or smoking shisha. We just love shisha and hookas so much that we cant get away from telling our little funny hookah stories. So far we have had stories about smoking shisha on mountaintops, smoking hookahs in great big trees, but one place that we have not told the story of is smoking shisha out of a hookah on a beach or as we live to call it, the beach. So one spring when I was in high school, I took a trip to the Dominican Republic with a friend whose parents were very wealthy. We had one mission while we were there, and that mission was: go find a hookah and shisha and smoke it on the beach. We baisically spent the whole week looking for a hookah but we found shisha almost right away. We looked all week for one special hookah and on our second to last day we found one! So we packed up our bowl in our hotel room and filled it with water and hiked down to the beach where we smoked our lovely hookah! Well it was lovely telling you my great shisha and hookah beach stories and hopefull I will have more stories coming soon for you to peruse and enjoy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hookah Stories- Free Hooka

So a buddy of mine came into my house last night raving about something dealing with a hookah and some shisha. I could hear all of this commotion coming form the other room when he walked into my apartment and all heard was something about shisha and a hookah. Everyone seemed pretty excited and I was not sure what was up exactly. So I walked into the other room and asked simply: what is all of the commotion about? The answer that I got was that my friend Garret went out last night and during his adventures he magically obtained a free hookah and shisha tobacco! This blew my mind. Not only because of the absurdity of this happening but because how many hookah related events could happen to one guy??!! I really don’t get it. It seems like everyday I am bombarded with another story about a hookah or a situation that I could write about in my shisha and hookah blog! I guess it was meant to be, I mean do you know anyone else who is so obsessed with hookahs shisha that they just sat around all day and all they ever talked about was shisha and hookahs? Honestly I am so obsessed. I just cant get away form it. And I guess my friends get sucked into it as well! We just sit around and create so much hookah and shisha energy that we are all so open to receive its fruits. Well I guess that’s enough for now so until next time, happy smoking!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hookah Stories- Where is the Shisha??

Last night I was smoking shisha out of a hookah and I realized that we were almost out of shisha tobacco and we were planning on smoking another hookah. This presented us with a really big problem because we thought that we had enough shisha to smoke another hookah but we did not. So we stated to freak out a little bit because this was going to be our entertainment for the rest of the night. So we started brainstorming about where we could find some decent shisha in the middle of the night in manhattan. We live in Brooklyn and we knew that there was a place in Williamsburg where they sold hookahs and we also knew of a hookah bar in Williamsburg that we could go to. So we traveled to Bedford avenue where the little convenience store is where we could buy some shisha tobacco for out hooka. When we got there we were informed that they were out of shisha and that we were out of luck. Now we had a real problem. Our options were to go into Manhattan to the west village where we knew that we could find some shisha. The only problem was that the west village was about a half hour drive from where we were located. So we decided to go to the hooka bar that was located around the corner to see if we could score some shisha. This story has a happy ending and will be continued tomorrow… until then, Happy Smoking!
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